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Two Side Moon is an artist & label promotional company based in Wales, UK with a global presence. Created by music fanatic Nicky Baldrian in the mid 2000s with an eye on giving those in the music industry a quality of service they were then struggling to find, Two Side Moon soon had a client list, both Artists and Labels stretching further than a Welsh beach.

Nicky's history in the music scene stretches back a lot further however, stirring his early passions putting pen to paper and keyboard to screen:

In the new millennium Nicky hooked up with Hans, owner of www.aordreamzones.com, helping match-up labels with bands and vice versa. Nicky also ran an online unsigned bands contest each month, something which to this day fuels his love for getting lesser-known acts in the public eye.

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After a couple of years working on other projects away from music, Nicky came back with a vengeance writing the hugely popular column "The Music is Out There" in Fireworks magazine. The magazine started in digital form only, but can now be found on news stands across the UK and digitally across the globe. Nicky still writes the column to this day - view a PDF sample here.

It was as a direct result of his work in Fireworks magazine that Nicky saw the opportunity to create Two Side Moon Promotions:

Two Side Moon has gone from strength to strength over the years, not only helping artists but labels like Prog Rock and Perris Records. TSM has also joined forces with Sonia Waterfield at SLW Promotions covering promotion for the live stage and more.


Myke Gray, Skin - http://www.skinfreak.co.uk/

Robert Säll, Work Of Art - http://www.myspace.com/musicofworkofart

Ken Tamplin (cousin of Sammy Hagar) - http://kentamplinvocalacademy.com/

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For more info you can read an interview Nicky gave to Black Velvet Magazine here.


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