Artist: Bad DC
Album Title: ASHES
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: April 19th 2014
Genre: Hard Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Rock Forever
02 - The Man I've Become
03 - Ashes
04 - She's Bad
05 - Balance
06 - On My Way
07 - Regrets
08 - Forever Bound
09 - Pressure
10 - Killers

Band Line-Up:

David Bykerk- vocals
Alex Young- drums
Eric Benson- rhythm guitar & back up vocals
Doug Phipps- Bass
Tyler Zoucha- Lead Guitar

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BAD DC is a modern rock band from the United States committed to rocking your face off. Their first full length offering to the world, ASHES, was released April 2014, solidifying the five man lineup and giving the band access to fans across the globe. Their music, paired with high-energy live performances, truly make BAD DC a force to be reckoned with.

The music began in late 2011 when singer David Bykerk recruited prodigy drummer Alex Young and rhythm guitarist Eric Benson. BAD DC honed its musical skills playing in smaller venues, covering a variety of rock and metal classics while slowly putting together crowd pleasing originals of their own. A five song self titled EP was put out halfway through 2012, displaying potential and giving a glimpse of what was to come.

With the addition of lead guitarist Tyler Zoucha and bassist Doug Phipps in 2013, BAD DC began its push for the next level, going back into the studio to record their first full length studio album ASHES. The dedication and perseverance put into the tracks paid off, receiving rave reviews from both critics and their ever growing loyal fanbase. Described as “music for all fans of rock,” ASHES is a composition of strong, memorable hooks, riff-based dual guitar attacks, driving bass lines, solid technical drumming, and a powerful mixture of vocal talent.

What sets BAD DC aside from other bands is their variety of musical influences all coming together throughout the song writing process to create something new. Having multiple vocalists in the band allows for even more variation, creating endless possibilities for a sophomore album in the near future. The band is currently focused on filming a video for the first single released off the album, the title track “Ashes,” and has plans to follow it up with additional music videos as well. Always aspiring for more, BAD DC is hitting the road playing bigger events and looking forward to connecting with fans worldwide. WE CAME TO ROCK! ASHES

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