Artist: Damn Pigeon
Album Title: Re-Coop
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Guitar Rock

Track Listing:

01 - I'm Down
02 - Gift Horse
03 - Sun In Our Eyes
04 - Only I
05 - If I Can't Have You
06 - Close My Eyes
07 - Who Cares
08 - Asshole Lives
09 - Benjamin Suicide
10 - Time
11 - Dead Man's Shoes
12 - Tomorrow

Band Line-Up:

Joe Edmiston - Guitars and Vocals
Doug Weir - Guitars and Lead Vocals
Steve Proctor - Guitars
Steve Proud - Bass Guitars
Jason Latimer - Drums

Band Links:


Damn Pigeon is a versatile guitar-rock band from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. First formed in 1991 by guitarist Klaus Spaleta and vocalist Steve Phillips, the band gigged fairly regularly through a couple of lineup changes until early 1996, playing a blend of original songs and covers. These shows helped to build a strong local following and garnered some good press reviews.

The band's 1996 split was amicable, and was accompanied by the vague promise to get back together in the future to record the original songs.

In 2009, the time arrived to get Damn Pigeon off the ground again. Joe Edmiston had built himself a nice home studio. The stars aligned and lead vocalist Steve Phillips, bassist Steve Proud, guitarist/vocalist/producer/recording engineer Joe Edmiston, drummer Rob Beecroft, and guitarist Steve Proctor got together to 'finally finish the record'.

During the pre-production work on what would become the band's first album - 'Dismal Reviews', lead singer Steve Phillips was diagnosed with cancer. A new urgency was added to completing the recordings, with Steve doing all his parts between debilitating treatments and surgery. Phillips passed away shortly after the release of the album.

Laid low by the death of their friend and band-mate, the guys took some time off to grieve, rest and reflect. Little could be done to promote 'Dismal Reviews', because without a singer the band could not perform live. Before Phillips passed away, it had been decided by all that the band would continue - with Phillips joking at one point that "We should call this band 'Damn Phoenix' - because it's always rising up from the ashes..." In January 2011, the band posted an ad looking for a new front-man.

After three months and several auditions - a resolution to the situation. In April 2011, Damn Pigeon announced Doug Weir as the band's new lead vocalist. Weir is a consummate professional who brings substantial talent and experience to the table, through his tenure as the lead vocalist for (A&M Recording Artists) Syre. Doug is an excellent singer, a very creative song-writing collaborator, a clear and concise communicator, and a rascally raconteur of great road stories.

The band got a live set together, played some shows, and wrote several new songs.

In spring of 2013, Jason Latimer of Wuud and Fool's Day Parade joined the flock as drummer. Damn Pigeon began rehearsing and writing with him in preparation for the recording of the band's new album.

The sessions for Damn Pigeon's second album began on the August long weekend, 2013. Twelve new tracks were recorded at Joe Edmiston's studio. Edmiston produced, recorded, engineered and mixed them. Seigfried Meier at Beach Road Mastering mastered the disc, titled Re-Coop. The new album features a number of stylistic departures for the band and showcases their sonic versatility.

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