Artist: Daniel Trigger
Album Title: Army Of One
Label: (Self Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Heavy Stadium Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Unbreakable
02 - Rise Above
03 - Invisible
04 - All Fall Down
05 - Fear The Night
06 - State Of Mind
07 - Here & Now
08 - Remember When
09 - Dancing With The Devil

Band Line-Up:

Daniel Trigger – lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards
David D’Andrade – guitar solos
Jerry Sadowski – drums

Band Links:


Daniel Trigger is an experienced hard rock artist from the Midlands UK, who presents a new album of original work called "Army Of One". Combining crushing guitar riffs with anthemic choruses, Army Of One has a muscular heavy rock sound that displays influences such as Alter Bridge, Guns N Roses and a modern-day Europe.

It was in fact Europe that kick-started Daniel's music career in 1989, where "The Final Countdown" was played during a laser light show at the London Planetarium which a young Daniel attended. Immediately deciding he wanted to make music that sounded "like that", Daniel formed his first band at the age of 15, and stepped up to the microphone for the first time.

Daniel spent the next 14 years gaining experience by writing and performing with a variety of bands, with styles ranging from blues to heavy metal.

However in 2003, Daniel opted to return to his original plan of forming his own band, where he could write exactly the type of hard rock he wanted to perform. And so, "Trigger" was formed with wife and duet vocalist Sally Trigger, plus teenage guitarist David D'Andrade.

Trigger went from strength to strength, with Daniel's brand of melodic rock and the showmanship of the band creating a buzz around the Midlands. The band had a number of successes, including recording 4 albums (2 of which were reviewed in Classic Rock magazine), selling out the 300-capacity Bromsgrove Artrix Theatre, having a song used in a film, having songs played on national and international radio, and headlining at the town fireworks display to an audience of 22,000. Daniel also won "Best Singer/Songwriter" at the Midlands Guitar Hero competition in 2005.

Trigger was put on hold in 2011, following an extensive and exhausting gigging schedule that ran for many years. Daniel promptly seized this opportunity to record a solo album called "Infinite Persistence", which also featured performances from Trigger musicians past and present, including Sally Trigger and original ‘Trigger’ guitarist David D'Andrade who was by this time an esteemed session guitarist.

‘Infinite Persistence’ was released in March 2012, and it’s success prompted a brief reformation of the ‘Trigger’ band, who performed many songs from the album on the live circuit throughout 2013, most notably performing a set in support of band ‘Vega’. ‘Infinite Persistence’ also secured Daniel a deal with German label ‘Pure Steel Records’ and UK-based ‘Two Side Moon Promotions’, who each played a huge part in bringing the album to a worldwide audience.

Spurred on by the positive response to ‘Infinite Persistence’, Daniel Trigger now proudly presents the sledgehammer follow-up album ‘Army Of One’. This new solo album takes the heavy-yet-melodic rock style of ‘Infinite Persistence’ and turns it up to the max, also featuring stunning guitar solos from original ‘Trigger’ guitarist David D’Andrade. Enjoy!

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