Artist: David Cosgrove
Album Title: Gift Of Time
Label: David Cosgrove Ltd.
Street Date: March 2008
Genre: Electronic rock, Prog rock

Track Listing:

01 - Gift of Time
02 - Sombrero
03 - Tropic of Pleasure
04 - Dreamcatcher
05 - Greatest Light Great Mountain
06 - Fujiyama Sleighride
07 - Best Part of the Day
08 - Sun God Siesta
09 - Atlantis Falls
10 - Soaring

Artist: David Cosgrove
Album Title: Space Toucan (A Neotropical Dream)
Label: David Cosgrove Ltd.
Street Date: July 2012
Genre: Prog rock, Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Corridors
02 - Bienvenue à Los Angeles
03 - No Options
04 - Space Toucan
05 - Staggering Ted
06 - Metro Morning
07 - Junglescape
08 - I Kissed the Ground Today
09 - Conozca a Los Leafjumpers
10 - Burning Leaves
11 - Reachback
12 - Eddie The Hat
13 - On The Big Island Part I
14 - Ego Boy
15 - Threnody
16 - Soaring Part II

Band Line-Up:

All music/instruments played by David Cosgrove.

(For Space Toucan album) Special thanks for the talents and gifts of Mike Cohen, Roger Arnold, Mitch Banks, Ray Romanos, Chris Huit, Mark Palazzo and the late Chris Germain

Band Links:


David Cosgrove has been creating music for 27 years. Learning to play the piano at the tender age of 5, David's musical future began in earnest with daily practice and performances in front of his classmates. A few years later, the alto saxophone was picked up and to extraordinary results. Jamming daily, original compositions came quickly and prolifically, with hour after hour of practice, both solo and with various line-ups of good friends. What were once informal jam sessions evolved into elaborate recording sessions with synched 4-track recorders and forests of wires covering the tool shed floor with David on keyboards and his good friends filling in on drums, bass, vocals and guitars which eventually became the first lineup of the prog rock group Makkiwhipdies. Countless hours were also invested with the turntable and CD player spinning concert legends and composers like Genesis, Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tito Puente, Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull, Rush, Georges Bizet, Pink Floyd, Yes, Starcastle, Frank Zappa, Todd Rundgren, Pat Metheny, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock, Brand X, Weather Report and many others. These artists helped provide the rich foundation upon which David began composing his music.

Makkiwhipdies went on to record an eponymous debut album which was self-released in 1996 (and is still available online at that was heavily influenced by prog rock masters like Jethro Tull, Steve Hackett, Utopia, Rush, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. David sent a copy of Makkiwhipdies to Ian Anderson and the late beat poet Allen Ginsberg who both sent him back letters (see end of document). One review ( went so far as to say “think Frank Zappa in his most weird but brilliant moments.”

Makkiwhipdies survived for a few more short years with a few demos cut (some have been released on the 2012 compilations “Millennium Box” and “Always Chasing Sunshine”, but eventually life took each member off on their own personal journey. David, as the driving force behind Makkiwhipdies, continued writing while raising a family and devoting the majority of his time to his online business David Cosgrove Los Angeles Web Design (

In 2008, David released the long overdue solo album “Gift of Time” ( on which he played all instruments and wrote all of the music while also wearing the hats of engineer and producer. The album was recorded in his home studio in Tariffville, CT from 2006-2007 and features instruments ranging from his grandfather’s antique Goya acoustic guitar, an ARP Odyssey to an old rack full of vintage 80’s and 90’s synth gear. “Gift of Time” was heavily influenced by Mike Oldfield, Todd Rundgren and Ian Anderson’s electronic solo work.

In 2012, David released the album “Space Toucan (A Neotropical Dream)” ( which once again featured instruments from the antique Goya acoustic guitar, the ARP Odyssey and even more vintage 80’s synth modules to mandolin, Takamine acoustic-electric guitars and the flute. “Space Toucan” spreads its wings and David went back to collaborating with his good friends (who share songwriting credits on several tracks). The majority of the tracks on “Space Toucan” were recorded from 2009-2012, while a few were old gems (some dating back to 1989) that were pulled from the digital archives to finally see the light of day. “Space Toucan” was recorded primarily in David’s home studio with a few of the older tracks recorded on 16 and 24 track analog machines in Hartford, CT and West Haven, CT. David produced and engineered the entire album. The influences again range from Yes, Jethro Tull, Rush, Todd Rundgren, Genesis to the Beatles. One review ( said “This is a magical keyboard, percussion and effects journey created by David Cosgrove” and “[Space Toucan] is an album of surprises and wonder. You will be entertained throughout.”

David Cosgrove: a conservatory-trained musical theorist, classically-trained sound recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist, philanthropist, avant-garde groundskeeper, perpetual green-thumb, Web developer and one-time front man of Makkiwhipdies during their progressive days.

David is working on a solo follow-up to “Space Toucan” and is aiming for a summer 2014 release date.

All of David's albums and additional digital singles are available for sale on his website

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