Artist: Feridea
Album Title: Reborn in Time EP
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 31st of January 2014
Genre: Symphonic power metal

Track Listing:

01 - Wanderer
02 - Reborn In Time
03 - With Fire And Frost
04 - Of Magic And Music

Band Line-Up:

Henrik Airaksinen - Keyboards
Aleksander Viitanen - Guitars & Backing vocals
Heidi Mankinen - Vocals
Miika Hänninen – Bass
Jukka Ahlström – Drums

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The first tunes of Feridea were born back in early 2012 written by the band’s composer and visionary Henrik Airaksinen. He had an idea of forming a symphonic power metal -band with some epic melodies, more or less deriving thoughts from his earlier started YouTube -project under the name ‘blacksheep806’, where Henrik has uploaded his beautiful film score -style creations. By publishing ads and getting familiar with some motivated and enthusiast musicians Henrik found the talents and the fellow band mates he was looking for and so begun the story of Feridea.

Finally an innovative five person group gathered from the city of Oulu (Northern Finland) began their rehearsals combining keyboardist Henrik Airaksinen’s compositions and guitarist Aleksander Viitanen’s lyrical stories, arranging these songs to power metal outcome with drummer Jukka Ahlström’s heavy style blast beats, bassist Miika Hänninen’s power bass lines and the band’s beauty Heidi Mankinen’s magical vocal interpretations. By the summer of 2013 Feridea had nearly an album full of songs arranged and rehearsed for the upcoming recordings and performing their live shows.

Feridea’s debut gig was played in Nuclear Nightclub, Oulu, Finland on 5th of July 2013. The band’s author’s edition debut album Reborn in Time EP was officially published 31st of January 2014 and so began Feridea’s first promotional mini-tour consisted of the cities of Helsinki, Tampere, Ii and Oulu. So far Feridea has performed 12 shows in Finland and much more is to come. The next publication’s recordings are also planned to be started in near future.

Heading for tomorrow with an open mind and honest heart as compass.

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