Artist: Flight 49
Album Title: That Smell Of Sweat And Sin
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: April 1st 2014
Genre: Hard Rock

Track Listing:

01 - 9 to 5
02 - For A Flag
03 - Means To An End
04 - Rage
05 - TMPM

Band Line-Up:

Vocals - Jason Walker
Guitar - Dave Fox
Guitar - Nikky Fox
Bass - Brian Merritt
Drums - Llion Broadbent.

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Flight 49 first formed in Llandudno, North Wales in September 2011. Four guys and one girl all with a similar vision of bringing a fresh and entertaining live rock music show to the local scene, already dominated by long established bands playing cliché covers.

The mission statement was simple: “Just have fun! Because if the band is having fun, then the audience is more likely to have fun too”. The band quickly gained a following by gigging almost non-stop through the summer of 2012 finding themselves in the headlining slot for some of the area’s most prestigious music festivals (at one of which they performed in drag to raise money for charity). In early 2013 they supported Mentallica, Europe’s biggest Metallica tribute act at the Caged Asylum in Manchester. By this time they had already started to develop their own material and by the end of 2013, recording had started on a debut EP.

It took nearly 6 months to record, mix and master the debut EP - That Sweat Smell of Sweat and Sin. To a lesser extent because they were relying on cost cutting exercises like favours from friends and downtime at the local college of performing arts, to a greater extent because of other commitments. Recordings were rushed single takes relying on Dave's skill and patience with the editing software to sort out the bum notes. The final stages of mixing and mastering were done with the help of professional sound engineer Sam Durrant.

The band's influences cover most of the musical spectrum. In fact, the only band that all the members like as a collective is Metallica. Both Dave and Nicky are heavily into thrash. Llion's tastes are slightly more mellowed as are are Jason's, who is secretly a big fan of Country. Briand's tastes include anything from Paul Simon to Slipknot and anything inbetween.

The live show is what they are all about. The original material is interweaved with a colourful string of some unusual and some of the more popular but at the same time never cliche covers played in their own hard rock style. There's no pretence, no self-indulgence, no guy-liner and certainly no distancing from the audience. Jason has the ability to capture and hold the attention of a crowd with his performance, while the interactions between Dave, Nikky and Brian keep the entertainment angle it taunting each other, duelling harmonies of full blown off-the-stage dancing with the crowd!! None of which would be possible, of course, without the consent of the rhythm machine that is Mr. Llion Broadbent.

As the geographical boundaries push ever further outwards the pool of new material grows ever deeper. In the short term they pplan on conquering new venues in new towns across the UK with the long term view to invade Europe hopefully in 2015, by which time there should be enough new material for work to begin on their first full length album.

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