Artist: Fusion Orchestra 2
Album Title: Casting Shadows
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Prog

Track Listing:

01 - Nines Miles To Babylon
02 - Bottom Line
03 - False Prophets
04 - Snake
05 - Do Ya Me Oh La
06 - Hit The Wall
07 - Genuine Fake
08 - Can Man
09 - Saskbr /> 10 - Nowhere
11 - Slipstream Bad Dream
12 - Supernova

Band Line-Up:

Colin Dawson
Ben Bell
Shemeck Fraczek
Seex Dyer
Elsie Lovelock

Band Links:


Fusion Orchestra 2 is the second incarnation of one of the pioneering progressive rock bands Fusion Orchestra. Co-formed by original Fusion Orchestra guitarist and founder member Colin Dawson and keyboard player Ben Bell, the music of Fusion Orchestra 2 incorporates elements of rock, jazz and various other styles. The band brings to life the original Fusion Orchestra music as well as new songs in the band's style but with the fresh influences.

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