Artist: Joy Focus
Album Title: Mission Critical Extended Play List
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Pop Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Love Song Cliche
02 - No Good Alone
03 - Think Fast
04 - Hopefully Home

Band Line-Up:

Holly Joy & Rikk Currence

Band Links:


Using music as their vehicle, musician Rikk Currence & singer Holly Joy drive recklessly down musical highways in their pursuit of accessible artistic expression. Wherever they stop, be it upon simple pop melodies or dramatic musical arrangements, the two have a gift for marrying music & lyrics that convey their emotional, physical & spiritual struggles in a fashion that everyone can understand and relate to.

At its core, JoyFocus and its music are a story about the suburban family experience and all the things positive and negative that stem from a life in the American middle class. Melding big drums, catchy synths, loud guitars & huge vocals into one big audio calling card, JoyFocus has notched out a unique yet identifiable sound that continues to set them apart in the current sea of “me too” musical acts.

Since the band’s debut in late 2001, they have been both a commercial and critical success, garnering a host of loyal fans as well as a myriad of kind words and acclaim from music press in both America & Europe alike. With four (4) independent albums and a host of featured singles on various international releases, the band is always working hard to become a household name.

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