Artist: Kaisas
Album Title: Degitalize
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Street Date: 28th February 2014
Genre: Hard Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Rockin' In The Digital World
02 - No Offence
03 - Poisoned Heart
04 - Bloody War
05 - Wounded And Alone
06 - (I Just) Died In Your Arms
07 - Stand And Fight
08 - Strangers In The Night
09 - Baby Don't Cry
10 - The Highlander
11 - Roar Of A Distant Thunder
12 - Helen
13 - Hysteria

Band Line-Up:

Mark Evans - Vocals
Babis Kaisas - Guitars/Bass
Allen Brunelle - Drums

Band Links:


Hailing from Thessaloniki Greece,songwriter,guitarist and basist,Babis Kaisas started finding his way into the spotlight sometime around 2006,through his then project/band called Zandem,that featured in various key roles,the original SHY(England) drummer,Alan Kelly.Zandem released a few demos,that received fairly good reviews,and some of them were very encouraging.Sadly the project didn't go any further,cause of different music directions of the 2 band members.

After working for quite sometime on his own,Babis found himself into the spotlight again,with the valuable help of SHY/TNT singer Tony Mills.The last piece of the “puzzle” was Brazilian drummer Acacio Carvalho(Vougan,Dark Avenger).With the experienced assistance of engineers Mark Stuart and Sheena Sear from M2 Studios(Magnum,Diamond Head,etc) in the UK,the album found it's sound under the production guidance of Babis himself.Rainer Kalwitz from Germany who had worked with bands like Dare,Shadow Gallery,and Praying Mantis(to name a few),did another remarkable job with the hand painted album cover.The final outcome came out to life under the name “Unify”,through Casket Music(UK) worldwide in mid 2011,and featured 12 songs on the cd,and 1 spare digital track(Dokken's “In My Dreams” cover).Also featured on the album was a cover of the traditional theme of “Jingle Bells” by James Pierpont.

The musical songwriting/expression challenge for Babis didn't stop there.Having teamed up with 2 Americans this time,singer Mark Evans(Heavens Edge),and drummer Allen Brunelle(Mystic Force,Raughhousen)he started work on the second Kaisas album.Another British man was chosen for the mixing/mastering part,David Page from White Bear studios.Along with Babis they handled the production duties of the album.The artwork for the album was done by Greek graphic designer Georgia Danielidou.”Degitalize” features 12 songs on the cd,and 1 spare digital track(Def Leppard's “Hysteria” cover).Also covered on the album is Cuttin' Crew's classic “(I Just)Died In Your Arms”.

“Degitalize” is released Friday 28th February 2014,through Sleaszy Rider records worlwide.

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