Artist: Le Reverie
Album Title: Dark Symphony
Label: Independent
Street Date: September 1st 2012
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal/ Progressive Rock

Track Listing:

01 - La Naissance
02 - Dark Symphony
03 - Twisted
04 - Ghost Of You
05 - Le Reverie (The Dream)
06 - Hall Of Mirrors
07 - Dark Secrets
08 - Pleasure And Pain
09 - Raven
10 - Hold Me Down
11 - Truth & Lies
12 - Ghost Of You - Reprise

Band Line-Up:

Allie Jorgen - Vocals
Jeff Mallow - Guitar
The Mysterious O.G. - Keys
Daniele De Cario - Bass
Roc Boyum - Drums

Band Links:


Le Reverie means "The Dream” in French (with a few spelling changes); and this Female Fronted Gothic Metal band has just released their debut CD titled "Dark Symphony". The long awaited 12 Song CD is a combination of Symphony, Goth Rock, Metal and Progressive Rock and will take you on an amazing journey from the symphonic musical elegance of “La Naissance” to the dark, heavy/progressive title track, “Dark Symphony” to the tender ballad “Ghost of You” and the haunting tribute to Edgar Allan Poe himself, “Raven”. Le Reverie is a combination of Evanescence and Dream Theater.


The last song before the top of the hour was performed by the rock group LE REVERIE who sang HOLD ME DOWN. They have a strong lead vocalist who reminds me of ANN WILSON of HEART. 89.3 FM KZUM – Deb Anderson

Le Reverie in 2012 they took their sound into their own hands and the result is their mesmerizing OPUS “Dark Symphony”... Brian Lush RockWired Radio and RockWired Magazine

“Le Reverie is an amazing assortment of musicians and songwriters fronted by Allie Jorgen destined to be on top!”… Legendary Producer Ron Nevison

"Love goth-rock? Check out Le Reverie, who deliver "a goth-fueled arena-sized vision" & "powerhouse pipes" at!" MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

Dark Symphony is a collection of well-written songs along the vein of Evanescence with a pinch of Prog. Allie Jorgen’s vocals weave a hypnotic spell through each track that takes the listener to a different realm. ROCK THIZ MAGAZINE

If you are into progressive metal bands to today's dynamic bands ala Evanescence, then you have to look no further. Each song on this album, "EPIC" !!!”… CASHBOX MAGAZINE

Le Reverie is a gothic metal band pulling from Symphonic Orchestras and the best elements of modern heavy metal. They have managed to take to sound of Evanescence and bring it to a whole new level!!!... They are clearly not afraid to push the boundaries of what is considered metal. Twisted is a wicked song, beautifully sung by Allie Jorgen, just a bit of gravel when she needs it and nestles right in with the dark instrumentation. THE HAZARD REPORT MAGAZINE

Le Reverie has been described as a cross between Evanescence and Dream Theater. And that just about hits the nail right on the head. Fronted by the amazing voice of Allie Jorgen, the band throw at us their debut full length offering, 12 tracks of amazing hard rock with a progressive undercurrent. .. 'Raven' is a progressive melodic masterpiece and brings up the Dream Theater influences. Dave "Ravenheart" Smith - RAVENHEART MUSIC

These songs will have you in a trance with their dark melodies combined with their classic metal sounds. It will rip and tear you apart ever so sweetly and have you crawling back for more! ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE

Le Reverie are like a girl fronted Dream Theater… they are impressive!! METALLIVILLE ROCK AND METAL WEBZINE

Musically Le Reverie remind you of Evanescence.... tracks of well played, well sung and well produced hard rock”... POWER PLAY MAGAZINE UK

Like a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, this band’s lyrical obsession with ghosts, darkness and dreams will more than satisfy… MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

Le Reverie was named one of the Top 20 Best Rock Artists for 2012 by RockWired Magazine!

Le Reverie was named one of the Best Live Artists of 2011 by Music Connection Magazine!

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