Artist: Obdurated
Album Title: I Feel Nothing
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: April 7th 2014
Genre: Metal

Track Listing:

01 - Nomophobia
02 - Strive
03 - Hoax
04 - Wisest
05 - Unreason
06 - Haeven
07 - Dereliction
08 - Unhealthy
09 - Dishearten
10 - Forefathers

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Following the footsteps of pioneering countrymen, Obdurated attempts to pass on the proud French, melodic metal heritage that forerunners such as Gojira, Yyrkoon and Dagoba have paved before them.

Discerning the great Scandinavian melo-death tradition, NWOBHM and the modern US thrash scene, Obdurated has sought inspiration in some of the grand masters of these genres such as In Flames, Iron Maiden and Machine Head on the bands 3rd release, the first one with Mighty Music, “I Feel Nothing”. The album is wound up with melody, technique and speed, and permeated with soaring guitar melancholia, fast pounding drums and aggressive, opinionated vocals that leave a heavy impression on its listeners.

Obdurated are no newcomers to the French metal scene. Since 2001 has the band released two albums and a cover-EP to great media appraisal, and played all over France at numerous occasions supporting heavy weights of the international metal scene such as Napalm Death, Sybreed and Benighted in front of massive crowds at festivals such as Coolnesstival, Chaulness Metal Fest, etc. Now it’s time for the rest of the world.

Under the wings of the Danish metal experts Mighty Music, Obdurated reaches out for an international metal audience for the first time with the release of their first worldwide album “I Feel Nothing”. “I Feel Nothing” has been released on CD and digital April 7 2014 worldwide!.

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