Artist: Phase II Phase
Album Title: Origin
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Scandinavian AOR

Track Listing:

01 - Yesterday's Lie
02 - Panic In The Street
03 - Living It Up
04 - Walking Away
05 - Destiny
06 - Right Between The Eyes
07 - Under Pressure
08 - Face To Face
09 - Here Comes The Rain
10 - Wild Horses

Band Line-Up:

Zalo Lopez, lead vocals & guitars
Alfredo Clemente del Olmo, guitars &vocals
Jorge Gomez, keyboards
Stelian Cotet, drum
Jose L. Gallera, bass& vocals

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Phase II Phase begins to take shape in early 2010, when Jorge Gómez and Jose Luis Gallera, after leaving behind their passage by ARIANNE group, decided to give shape to a project that was around them for some time. Jose L. Gallera, already had formed part of previous projects together Alfredo Clemente and Zalo López, in formations such as Alma Cheyenne or REQUEST, band that it won in 1996 the famous Villa de Madrid in its category of Rock, obtaining also the prize for best song of the contest. The original germ of REQUEST was born in Stockholm, Sweden where it is originating Zalo Lopez, where he grew up and lived up to Madrid in 1995. Alfredo Clemente, as well as collaborate in projects of other musicians, focused their profession, to the composition of music for television and commercial spots. As we said, this project that was around in the head of Jorge and Jose, consists of creating a band of melodic hard rock which both have heard and missed, taking into account, as of different... * 2010, don't have any drummer, and as is composite had 12 issues. They agree to include Ricardo Velázquez, old acquaintance of the group, with extensive experience in other bands. * 2011. Unfortunately Ricardo decided to leave the band..

Finally they find the drummer Konstantin Borisov , who gives a new boost to the band. *2012, the band still composing themes, .and alternating with concerts, highlighting the great reception of press and public after opening at the presentation of the second album of the magnificent Eden Lost concert. That's when Toni Sanchez-Gil, is set in the band to offer them the possibility of capturing their first cd in Lausan studio. But unfortunately, they are forced to do without Tino as , and drummer election process delayed any possibility of doing nothing in the study. They find Stelian, the perfect drummer to be part of this project. *2013.After a few months adapting the themes, they are ready to finally show his music. The first cd of the band is called "Origin", it has been recorded in Lausan studio, on June 2013 with Toni Sanchez-Gil in the buttons and subsequently mastered in the Tailor Maid production of Stockholm, Sweden, by Peter in the Betou..

"Origin" strongly influenced by the '80s European sound, particularly ,the Classic Scandinavian AOR sound likes Da Vinci, Return or Skagarack are embedded on catchy numbers like "Yesterday's Lie", "Walking Away", "Face To Face", "Wild Horses" and "Living It Up", the latter a bit harder recalling Swedes Roulette.Some American influences arise on the mid-tempo tracks "Destiny" and "Under Pressure" akin Night Ranger, while the semi-ballad "Here Comes the Rain" is a gentle melodic rocker a with a little bluesy touch. Although keyboard dominated "Origin" features quite strong riffs and solos by Alfredo Clemente which provides an extra strength to the sound, and while Zalo´s lead vocals result an acquired taste , the band's output is solid as whole. Rescuing the true Scandi sound & style from the second half of the eighties, Phase II Phase showcases their profound love for the genre on "Origin". .If keyboard-driven AOR / Melodic Rock in the vein of the aforementioned acts or recent outfits like Wild Rose, Osukaru and Diamond Dawn are your thing, you should give to "Origin" a proper spin.

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