Artist: Second Brain
Album Title: Synthesis
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: April 28th 2014
Genre: Metal

Track Listing:

01 - Hierarchies
02 - The Sins of Others
03 - Rise of The Last
04 - The Deranged
05 - Insects
06 - Not Any More Heavens
07 - Before The End
08 - Final Eclipse

Band Line-Up:

Agravain (vocals, guitars, synthesizers, programming)
Lala Gabarth (bass, backing vocals, synthesizers)
Gygon (drums)

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What do you do when you are a musician with an equal love for thrash metal, electronic music and hard rock? According to Agravain, you form Second Brain. That's what the vocalist/guitarist/programmer thought in 2009 when he found himself with a bunch of riffs and tunes which he thought were good enough to mark the start of something fresh and new. But it was only when he met bassist/vocalist Lala Gabarth (a former cellist and a classical choir singer) in 2010 that he released those songs could be arranged to create a hybrid sound, which the band referred to initially as dynamic metal. The four tracks which went on to form Into the Circle, Second Brain's highly experimental 4-track demo EP, were an attempt at combining metal riffs with brooding atmospheres,, industrial metal sounds and tribal (!) beats. Realising that the end result was a little disjointed, Agravain began focusing on shorter, more guitar-driven songs. Writing and producing them proved to be a tough task. In 2011, Gabarth relocated for a whole year to Argentina for work. When she came back to Italy in 2012, the duo began demoing material for their first full-length album, aided by session drummer Gygon. In 2013 the band had 8 songs ready. Recordings for their debut album began in April 2013 and ended in November of that year. The album was mixed by Bob Davodian of Transcending Music Audio, New York. Titled Synthesis, it sees the band create a much more focused "synthesis" of their various influences. You can still call the end result is "metal" even though you'll hear echoes of industrial and symphonic music in it. Synthesis was officially released on April 28, 2014. Second Brain are currently rehearsing the songs with a view to start playing them live later this year. .

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