Artist: Skysent LU
Album Title: 2 Seconds Late
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: January 14th 2012
Genre: Hard/Progressive Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Bob's Adventures
02 - Loneliness Of My Heart
03 - Few Moments
04 - Follow Me
05 - Last Man's Cry
06 - Punishment
07 - Two Seconds Late
08 - Into The Night
09 - Fairytales

CD Single "Touch me Μο#herfu(k3r!"
01 - Touch Me Μο#herfu(k3r!
02 - Punishment (acoustic version)
03 - Loneliness Of My heart (radio edit)

Band Line-Up:

Lead Vocals: Nondas Emmanouil
Guitar: Costas Karapetsas
Guitar: Christos Spyropoulos
Bass: Stefanos Malliaros
Drums: Alexandros Varsanis

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Skysent LU was created in 2004 in Athens, Greece. 2007 is the starting point for live shows, and the audience acceptance was quite warm. Members knew each other very little at the beginning, but shared the same love for music, and had a common vision. Things were too easy from that point on.

Very soon, they were able to communicate on a musical level, and became friends. For them rehearsals, live shows, studio, are the times when the gang does what it likes best! Not many band member changes were made throughout the years, and those that took place were a result of life changes, and not through disputes. Stefanos is the newest Skysent LU member, and he also became part of the gang very quickly.

They move around heavy metal and hard rock paths, while their fantasy and open mind has led them in being authentic when composing, and mind blowing when performing live.

Their debut album, “2 Seconds Late” (release date Jan. 14, 2012) has been the most difficult and creative project for Skysent LU so far, given that the production and diligence for all the CD theirs; from the studio and mastering, to the creative concept and photography, all aspects are funded by the band, and have their personal signature.

The LP’s first presentation took place on Januray 14, 2012 at Kyttaro live, with an exceptional live show. The CD has already gotten excellent reviews from magazines and websites in Greece and abroad, like Metal Hammer (GR), Powerplay (UK), Fireworks magazine (UK) and others, while several songs have been included in the covermount CDs of magazines like Big cheese magazine (UK), Fireworks magazine (UK), and in the playlists of several radio stations in Greece and abroad.

The CD single "Touch me Μο#herfu(k3r" (release date Oct. 26, 2012) is a sequel of the LP, and includes an excellent cover of the popular 80s song by Samantha Fox, as well as “Punishment” in acoustic version, and “Loneliness of my heart” in radio edit.

On the occasion of the new CD single, FM Records reissued the album “2 Seconds Late” that sold out at the stores.


"Listening to Greek Hard Rock band Skysent Lu's recent album, "2 Seconds Late", my immediate impression when listening to first song, Bob's Adventures, was of an Iron Maiden inspired band; impressively rough yet well planned riffs combined with a rough, adventurous vocal approach by Nondas Emmanouil; and of course accessible and catchy choruses. Skysent Lu have drawn from the NWOBHM well taking influence from the likes of Saxon, Diamond and Maiden; and repackaging it will the emotion and imagination of Progressive Metal bands such as Dream Theatre and Queensryche" - Denim and Leather Magazine

"Greek rockers Skysent Lu unleash this sprawling song from their new album '2 Seconds Late' displaying a love of hard rock and metal. Referring to themselves as a gang and having self-produced the record, this Athens five-piece are rocking out and doing things their own way." - Big Cheese Magazine, UK

"The Greek scene, unlike the prevailing atmosphere in the rest of the country, does not stop blossoming constantly, providing new bands. One of them is the Skysent LU, who have arrived with an air of confidence, and hope to be established. In their music they intend to present a mix of southern hard rock and many "alternative" components, that ultimately offer a 90s sounding ground, and I don't mention this as a negative aspect. Rehearsed, tied and without missing their ideas, Skysent LU stepped a strong first step. Thumbs up also for the very careful release of the album, a result of their own effort" - Metal Hammer

“2 Seconds Late” is the debut album of this ‘gang’ as they apparently prefer to be called, and it has been self produced. Bearing that firmly in mind as I listen, I find it hard not to be quietly impressed, as the whole package has been put together well. […] In my opinion however, it is when the pace is slowed and the compositions lengthened that I feel that Skysent LU are at their best. Tracks like “Few moments” and “Into the night” are given time to breathe and explore quieter avenues, whilst also bringing the ubiquitous hard rock riffing to the party as the music develops. A laudable debut for sure, and one upon which Skysent LU can build for the future.” – Powerplay Magazine, UK

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