Artist: Speaks Of Rain
Album Title: Home In Bluffdale
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Progressive Rock

Track Listing:

01 - EdHK
02 - Orionids 19
03 - Togo Mountain Dawn
04 - Black Widows
05 - Brain Coral
06 - Fly
07 - Mark Twain's Lament
08 - Mary Magdalene Cha Cha
09 - The Step
10 - Nashon

Band Line-Up:

Alan Rogers and Stephen Godfrey

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Speaks of Rain is a progressive rock project that brings two long time musicians together again after thirty years of working separately. Alan Rogers and Stephen Godfrey first met at Clemson University in the mid 1970’s, exploring British prog rock together in the days when much of it was available only on import in the United States.

Heading separate ways to pursue post-graduate studies in their respective fields, both spent years traveling, and playing on their own and with others. A chance email sparked a virtual reunion and a rediscovery of making music together. Laying down tracks in their respective studios, Rogers and Godfrey rapidly built a fat collection of material with which to craft their first CD, Home in Bluffdale, released in March 2014.

Assembled partially from these virtual sessions and partially the old fashioned way, face to face, the collection took shape over a two-year period. The duo has continued to accrue new material while finishing production work on Home in Bluffdale, and dealing with the various issues that accompany a new release, especially a first release.

In their music, you will hear many influences, including World Music, Brian Eno, Porcupine Tree, Steve Hillage, Genesis and Pink Floyd among others. Despite that, the music reflects a conscious effort to avoid emulation. It has been allowed to take its own direction with interesting results. Rogers and Godfrey, playing multiple instruments and laying down multiple tracks, create a depth of sound suggestive of a much larger effort, certainly one by more than two people.

Those who have a fondness for musical approaches that encompass many styles, and yet stray from the path of the conventional, will find Speaks of Rain and Home in Bluffdale appealing. The music may be considered “progressive rock” only to the extent that such labels are useful as general guidance. It might as easily be referred to as post-prog experimental, and in places clearly neither term applies. The music varies from bright and percussive to melodic and etherial, but in a sometimes eclectic way, it all remains fresh and satisfying.

Speaks of Rain is based in the southeastern United States. Alan Rogers resides near Atlanta Georgia, and Stephen Godfrey near Columbia, South Carolina. They also maintain a studio in upstate South Carolina.

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