Artist: The Black Clouds
Album Title: Better Days
Label: Self Released
Genre: Style

Track Listing:

01 - Prelude
02 - No Reason
03 - Breathing
04 - Defective Mind
05 - Again
06 - Fray
07 - Whereabouts Unknown
08 - I'll Be Gone
09 - Stalemate
10 - Blue Blocker
11 - Seen Better Days
12 - Rid of Me
13 - All or Nothing

Band Line-Up:

Dan Matthews (Guitar, Vocals)
Rob Blake (Guitar, Vocals)
Gary Moses (Bass)
Cory King (Drums)

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If you still believe the code of the D.I.Y. musician is to destroy – and rebuild – every single pillar of rock ‘n’ roll; if you believe that it’s not just a privilege, but a duty to be loud, impassioned, dangerous and not just follow the scene’s flashing lights, you owe it to yourself to immediately check out New Jersey’s Black Clouds.

Comprising of guitarists/vocalists Dan Matthews and Rob Blake, bassist Gary Moses and drummer Cory King, The Black Clouds have returned leaner and louder with their new 2012 release, “Better Days.” Produced, recorded, and funded entirely by the band, “Better Days” was recorded over the period of one month and mixed by alternative rock legend, John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Hold Steady). The album abides by three driving principles: Play loud. Play hard. Leave every post-modern music trend quivering in the dust. And it scores with a bullet.

The Black Clouds have maintained a D.I.Y. stance since their formation in late 2004. Also self-produced, recorded and funded, the band’s debut LP “Wishing Well” (2008) was mixed and mastered by yet another legendary rock producer, Seattle’s Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney).

The Black Clouds played Bamboozle in 2008, and followed with a self-funded, self-booked US tour in 2009, which saw them hitting 25 shows in 30 days. Another short tour -- again funded and booked entirely by the band -- followed in 2010, when the they hit the road for SXSW and back.

The Black Clouds’ grueling commitment to touring has paid off, as the band plays every live show like it’s their last one standing. And “Better Days” pulls off the near-impossible feat of ensnaring the band’s blood-and-spit stage fury in a way few modern bands could even strive for, let alone achieve.

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