Artist: Wille And The Bandits
Album Title: Grow
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: 2014
Genre: Blues Roots

Track Listing:

01 - Got To Do Better
02 - Gypsy Woman
03 - Try To Be Yourself
04 - Under The Groove
05 - Butterfly For A Day
06 - Still Go Marching In
07 - Why Do You Do It
08 - Son Of The Gun
09 - Keep Moving On
10 - Forgiveness
11 - Angel

Band Line-Up:



Through continuous touring, honing their unique sound, Wille and the Bandits have created something rather special. Far from being an overnight success story the band have developed a cult following right across Europe, which continues to grow with every passing day.

The new album ‘Grow’ has received glowing reviews with editors writing that the band are “in a league of their own and are capable of anything”.

“The Kaiser Chiefs said these guys are the new Seasick Steve, but they’re much more than that, surely destined for great things” (Classic Rock Magazine)

Having toured their eclectic sound with the likes of Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, The John Butler Trio and Status Quo, Wille and the Bandits’ single reached number 2 in the UK blues charts on downloads alone.

The band are renowned for creating an astonishingly huge sound, incorporating eclectic grooves from world music to heavy rock, using unusual combinations of instrumentation such as tongue drum, djembe, lap steel guitar and double bass they push the boundaries of what is expected of a modern three piece.

“Wille is a superb slide player, I love what these guys are doing” (Joe Bonamassa)

Although difficult to pigeon hole, Wille and the Bandits are taking rock music to places it has never been before with a unique take on song writing which is fresh, but at the same time laced with nostalgia. The band really stand out as something special with how they successfully engage three generations of music lovers, all captivated by exquisite musicianship and soulful song writing which flows effortlessly throughout their performances. Even the most experienced of music lovers will have their head turned by the spellbinding concoction of Wille Edward’s mastery of the slide guitar, Matthew Brooks’ wizardry on the 6-string bass and Andrew Naumann’s ability to conjure an irresistible groove from his vast selection of percussion.

Where the current trend is for superficial and predictable lyrics, Wille and the Bandits’ words carry a sense of rational judgement and hope delivered with a whiskey soaked drawl which ebbs and flows with emotion. Playing over 250 shows a year worldwide, their songs are a social commentary on what their road worn eyes have seen, never shying away from even the most poignant subjects. This is the time for change and that is exactly what the band seek to highlight with songs such as “Mammon” and “Still go marching in” echoing around your head with a Dylan-esque profoundness.

The band has developed a loyal underground fan base right across Europe, mainly from their explosive live shows. Their success in building a core fan base is a result of their versatility; whether busking or in a sold out arena the band have the songs and musicianship to command an audience and connect with people who will return for more. After playing many major festivals and events such as Glastonbury, Fusion Festival, Isle of Wight and the Olympic games, the band were chosen by The Kaiser Chiefs as one of the top unsigned acts in the UK and were described as having a distinctive sound and being “destined for big things”.

With the band now ready to release their new album, the anticipation is that the UK’s best kept secret is about to be let out.


“Love the soul in the music” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Great band, great dynamics, never know what to expect next Zoe Ball” BBC Radio 1 and 2

“One of the best live acts in the country” The Daily Telegraph

“Mind blowing” Deep Purple

“Outstanding” Isle of Wight Festival

“Wille and the Bandits are taking roots music to a new level” Rootstime Magazine

“There are precious few new bands around these days who can genuinely still lay claim to a pioneering spirit, but Wille and the Bandits have long since established their credentials.” R2 Magazine

“This incredibly talented band excels in playing not just one or two musical styles, but in fact focus on performing several genres to an extremely high quality. The main difference with this band though, is that when they showcase their extraordinary craft by performing several styles, they do it with such ease.” Maverick Magazine

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