Artist: M.I.C.
Album Title: 5th Avenue
Label: (Self Produced/Released)
Street Date: January 12th 2013
Genre: Classic Rock

Track Listing:

01 - Let Me In
02 - What You Mean To Me
03 - Back In Time
04 - Serial Killers
05 - Rockin' Rollin' It
06 - Cos It's You
07 - Christeen
08 - Miracle Of Life
09 - Can You Hear Me
10 - Ain't No Way

Band Line-Up:

Yvon Serre - Vocals and Guitar
Mike O'Neil - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Emilio Meleca - Drums
Dennis Papadatos - Bass
Silvio Potito - Keyboards

Special guests Steve Skingley, for two songs on bass (Rik Emmit band, Triumph) and David Colin Burt on Guitar for 3 songs (CANO), plus lyrics on the song "Serial Killer" by Jon Wilde (Bangalore Choir, Powerworld).

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MIC has been, is, and always will be, a band on a mission. Since its conception as a Melodic Rock/Punk/Pop outfit in China in 2004, no high or low has deterred this band from pushing the limits. Armed with radio-friendly hooks and an obvious 70’s influence, MIC has been labelled by Rock as a band “Out to conquer the world.”

MIC has often been compared to band such as Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, Keith Richards, AC/DC, and even Green Day. In a world over-saturated with wannabe bands, however, there are several things that set MIC apart from the rest. One of the most notable is that no matter what style, tempo, or raw dirty sound the band produces, there is always that feel-good vibe in every song. You just can’t escape it.

Try it. Play any MIC song and see if you don’t feel tipsy and better about life afterwards!

In the face of constant line-up and demographic changes, MIC has racked up a long list of healthy accomplishments. Live performances have been broadcast to millions across China, and considerable radio airplay has been beamed across the globe. Album reviews have been widely circulated in Chinese and European publications, and countless webzines around the world have carried the banner of MIC. On the live scene, MIC has rocked everything from small clubs to stadiums, including the International Tour Music Festival in China, followed by headlining the East Chengdu Music Festival and a few shows in Japan 2012.

After tearing up the music scene in China for eight years, band leader and songwriter, Yvon Serre, returned to his native Canada in April of 2012. Anticipating hard challenges back home, he returned with 20 new songs in his arsenal and hit the tarmac running. He wasted no time in recruiting old band mates from the Harry Straight Band; Emilio, and Silvio. Now looking to the future, this veteran line-up is now charged up and ready to release MIC’s fifth album titled “5th Avenue”.

The new line-up boasts new members Emilo Meleca on drums (Skip Tracer/Scarecrow), Dennis Papadatos on Bass (Tia Carrera, Liberty Silver, Natalie Cole, Loverboy, GOB, Biff Naked, Dixie Chicks, Paul Brandt, Randy Bachman), Silvio Potito on Keyboards (Perfect Strangers), and Mike O’Neil on backup Vocals and Guitar (Wednesday). Mike had a #1 Hit in Canada with “Last Kiss” back in 1974. The album also includes special guests Steve Skingley, for two songs on bass (Rik Emmit band, Triumph) and Dave Colin Burt on Guitar for 3 songs (CANO), plus lyrics on the song "Serial Killer" by Jon Wilde (Bangalore Choir, Powerworld).

Following its January release, MIC plans to take the music to the streets of their homeland as well as China, Japan, and parts of Europe.

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